Einstein Würfelt Nicht Agent

This is variation of Einstein Würfelt Nicht which rules are modified for bigger branching factor and longer game length. Both player starts with 6 game pieces each. The goal is to move the smallest piece possible towards the diagonal of your opponent. This is a 2-agent game to challenge AI agent to do decent pruning and also good evaluation of current board for their Monte Carlo Search. You are also welcome to solve the game with Alpha-Beta Search.

Checkout my repository for the game: 2 agent game – Einstein Würfelt Nicht Agent

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Pukoban Solver

Sokoban(推箱子) is a classic single agent game. It has a sufficient of game state and is a classic problem in the field of game AI.
Pokoban is a variation of the game, adding “Pull” to the game. You can pull a box when there is an empty space behind you and a box in front. This additional action gives the game even wider branching factor, making the search harder.
Here is the game interface that you can actually play the game:

Checkout my repository for the game: Single agent game – Pukoban

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計算機安全 – Homework 0x00

寫這篇的目的是想要記錄我 Homework 0 的掙扎過程,跟我一樣在修課前零經驗的人可以路過看看,或許就有一些比較好的 Overview 可以更有效率的入門。我覺得資安這個領域入門網路資源挺少。關於 CTF 競賽的介紹可以看 Hitcon 的介紹。

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